Before you and I came into an awareness of ourselves, our creator created the world, everything in it , seen and unseen. Our fore-parents. The first humans, Adam and Eve were given instruction and free will to reign over the earth. And to keep God's law, multiply and fill the earth with the nature of Him from generation to generation. But they broke God's request of obedience, which brought death. Death is being separated from life. And God is the source of all life. Adam and Eve missed the mark through disobedience. This is called sin. All humans are born into sin because our fore-parents sinned. Because of God's Holiness and righteousness, He could not look upon sin or let it go unpunished.  God never wanted our relationship severed. He loves His creation, and He made away for us to be redeemed  by sending His only begotten Son to take the blame for our sin. Because of the punishment that Jesus accepted for us allowed us all who believe to reconnect our relationship with God. In the Bible God makes it clear that those who accept His Son, will be forgiven, restored and have eternal life. John 3:16