Lord, tell me

how could that be?

that you would love me so unconditionally

Caught up in vices

goin’ through crisis

Tryin’ to find out what the meaning of life is

blood shed crucifix and sacrifices

and they’re talkin’ bout how much their

ice is

While starving kids sleepin’ with

mice is

that by choice or just a roll of the

dice kid

The breath of life is so, so, priceless

so, so priceless

his body lay lifeless

say won’t you try this

it’s the flyest for sure to get you the highest

just one hit, for sure will take the pain away

just one hit, he never lived to see another day

but the beat still bumpin’

street still breathing

lookin’ for a substance to get you

to the weekend

what we needin’

what we seekin’

I know the  pimp is still pimpin’

and the preacher still preachin’